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Seraphon Skinks

Seraphon Skinks

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Seraphon Skinks are small, agile, intelligent creatures bred by the Old Ones from the giant amphibious creatures of the Lustrian Swamps. The Skinks have a natural affinity to water, and can swim swiftly through the jungle swamps and rivers, often staying submerged for up to an hour before launching an ambush and melting back into the jungle.

Warhammer Skinks are perfectly suited as disruption units in a Warhammer Lizardmen army and are great at taking down monsters. Their poisoned weapons (always wound on a six no matter opponents toughness) makes them perfect for taking on giants and other high toughness monsters, giants dying particularly easily as they have no armour. Armed with blowpipes, it will be easier for them to fulfil this role, thanks to an increased range. You can also use them to form a skirmish screen to protect more expensive foot troops from missile fire. In this role they are best armed with javelin and shield to give them an armour save and taken in units of ten which provides adequate numbers without taking up too much space.

This boxed set contains 24 multi-part plastic Seraphon Skinks, which can either be assembled with blow pipes or spears, and includes the options for a Champion.

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