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General's Handbook - Pitched Battles 2023-24 - Season 3

General's Handbook - Pitched Battles 2023-24 - Season 3

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The General's Handbook is a complete guide to everything Age of Sigmar, from collecting and building to painting and playing. Owning the handbook will give you all the knowledge you could possibly need to dominate the Mortal Realms. Revised and updated for 2023 with new ways to play and gaming tweaks based on feedback from the Warhammer community. The General's Handbook is perfect for anyone looking to expand on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar gaming system. It gives you access to new ways to play including support for Open, Narrative and Matched Play games, and it also expands on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules, with updated points values for every miniature in the range.


Background material reveals the frostbitten history and current plight of a barren, ice-shattered continent in Ghur – Andtor, the Bitter Land

The newest Pitched Battles battlepack, which you'll need in order to fight Pitched Battles in the current tournament season. This includes the current army selection rules, an introduction to the Battle Ready standard of painting, and a complete list of official publications for use in Pitched Battles
New realm rules for fighting in the icy tracts of Andtor, where arcane power holds the chill at bay - including rules for calling on primal magic, wielding the new Lore of Primal Frost, and donning Nullstone Adornments for armies without wizards
Two new core battalions and a host of enhancements to help you wage war in the frozen landscape
12 new battleplans, along with six grand strategies and eight battle tactics, offering new ways to claim victory in this season of Pitched Battles
Updated warscrolls for each of the universal Endless Spells
A blank tournament scoring sheet for you to photocopy and use
The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Rules – reprinted here for you to reference, including a rules index

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