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The Do's and Don'ts of Water Damage

- DO Keep your device cool, so the water does not evaporate (Put it in the fridge)

- DO turn your device off, if it is currently turned on

- DO NOT turn it on until a professional has assessed it

- DO NOT charge the device or attached any cable

- DO NOT put the device in rice, this will draw the moisture to every corner of your device

Free Honest and Accurate Assessment

Unlike most repair services we DO NOT charge for looking at water damaged devices, and are more than happy to let you know if it can revived. Tech Outpost will provide you with fair assessment on the device, and let you know if the repair is worthwhile carrying out.

Every water damaged device is different and will likely have differing faults, so make sure you bring it to us for a full and accurate assessment of the damage.

Rapid Repairs

If we have the part then we will complete the repair for you within 2 hours, maximum. We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency we have repairing phones, and know that your device is too important to be without.

High Grade Components

Working as a corporate RMA center we have to ensure all our parts are of a high grade, and original manufacturers parts were it is viable.


Any parts we receive that are not up to the AAA standard are sent back, and another supplier is used - we never compromise on quality.

Proven Professional Service

Our work as a RMA center for CEX means that we will regularly complete 100+ repairs a week. This gives us a massive amount of experience and knowledge repairing devices, that very few repair companies can match.

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