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Phones We Repair

At Tech Outpost we can repair even the most difficult faults on the following devices : 

iPhone - Samsung - Sony Xperia - LG - HTC - Huawei - Nokia - Motorola - Blackberry - Doro - Wiley Fox - Google - Oneplus - Alcatel - Amazon - BLU - Lenovo - Microsoft -Vodafone Turbo - ZTE - Xiaomi  

If you cannot see your device here then we just forgot to list it, we will always attempt to repair any device and never charge you unless fixed.

Services We Provide

Tech Outpost is able to administer a HUGE range of phone repair services, and below is just a fraction of what we can provide :

Battery Replacement - Software Re-flashing - Screen/LCD Replacement - Home Button Replacement - Water Damage Repair - Phone Re-housing - Data Recovery - Flex Cable Replacement - Glass Back Replacement - Charge Port Replacement - Microphone Replacement - Headphone Jack Replacement - Camera Replacement - Lens Replacement - Speaker Replacement - Sim Tray Replacement - Sim Reader Replacement - Vibro Module Replacement - Wifi Repair - Bezel Re-shaping - Unlocking

If you cannot see your repair listed here then just give us a call as we can resolve ANY issue, for ANY device.

iPhone Repair

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Samsung Phone Repair

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Water Damage

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iPhone Screen Replacements

Like with most iPhone repairs we can replace a cracked iPhone screen within an hour, and will almost always have the parts in stock. We offer very competitive pricing and most importantly will warranty the phone screen for you.

Tech Outpost will also repair and re-shape your housing to make sure your phone fits properly, we never leave your phone less than perfect and have extensive experience altering phone housing.

Samsung Screens - Why Quality Matters

Every repair company will use a variety of parts, some known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that come from a companies factory, and some that are graded as AAA refurbished.

When repairing the vast majority of devices we will use OEM where it is economical, but also AAA graded parts, as this saves you a lot of money (sometimes 50%).

Samsung screen repairs are always done with OEM parts, never refurbished or factory grade. This is because after 1000's of repairs for CEX we have learnt that NON OFFICIAL PARTS WILL FAIL.

Battery Replacement - Do I Need One?

Is your phone running slow? Or do you have an older iPhone?

It may be because your battery is old and the cells inside have started to fail, leading inevitably to it dying. But this might not be the case, often quickly losing power and slow charge times can because of a faulty charge port.

This is why we always suggest you get Tech Outpost to DIAGNOSE FOR FREE, and work out exactly what is happening.

Need an iPhone Battery

We have stock of nearly every brand of iPhone battery, and are able to fit them within 20 minutes, and have them charge tested within an hour. 

Not only will we rapidly repair your device, but we will also carry out additional checks to ensure that your device is charging properly.

Other Phone Batteries

We do keep a large stock of phone batteries, from Samsung to HTC, so there is always a good chance we will have the one you're after. 

Generally we will fit a battery and charge test it within an hour, but some phones are much more tricky and may require a bit of extra time.

Rapid Repairs

If we have the part then we will complete the repair for you within 2 hours, maximum. We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency we have repairing phones, and know that your device is too important to be without.

High Grade Components

Working as a corporate RMA center we have to ensure all our parts are of a high grade, and original manufacturers parts were it is viable.


Any parts we receive that are not up to the AAA standard are sent back, and another supplier is used - we never compromise on quality.

Proven Professional Service

Our work as a RMA center for CEX means that we will regularly complete 100+ repairs a week. This gives us a massive amount of experience and knowledge repairing devices, that very few repair companies can match.

Happy To Help

Our friendly team of trained technicians have been helping clients return their mobile phones to perfect working order for over 5 years.

We currently work with clients on the Wirral and surrounding areas, including Liverpool, Birkenhead, Wirral, Southport, Crosby, Heswall, Formby and many other locations. 

We are so confident in our ability that we always offer a no fix no fee policy on all repairs, and we also offer our customers a 6 month manufacturer's warranty on ALL our parts. 

We have been working in league with a major high street retailer for several years, and have repaired 1000's of Gadgets. 

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