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Tech Outpost has been working with local and national businesses since its establishment in 2013. As such we are able to provide a range of corporate services, and have them tailored towards your specific requirements.

We are proud of the services provided over the past 5 years, and the excellent B2B relationships we have built. This is supported by our mission statement to provide free and impartial advice, always offering a no fix, no fee policy.

Also we are happy to provide adhoc advice regarding repairs and broken devices, trying to resolve what we can for free, without requiring any postage. 

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What We Provide

What Can We Repair?

Simply put, we can repair ANYTHING! 

We are able to repair any broken piece of technology, be it an office desktop, printer, phone etc. Tech Outpost's position as a repair center for CEX means that we have dealt with a huge variety of technology, and are familiar with many differing makes/models.

Bulk Repairs

We can offer whole sale services to your company, reducing your profit loss and technology turnover drastically, at a low price. This also includes bulk pricing schemes, so the more repairs you want to supply us with, the lower the rate we will offer you.

Using this service also allows retail businesses to buy in broken stock at a greatly reduced rate, which we then re-furbish at whole sale prices. 

Payment Options

VAT and Invoicing

We are a fully VAT registered UK business, and as such can provide you the ability to claim the 20% VAT back against any repairs we carry out. We provide clear and simple invoices, making the process of paying and claiming this as simple as possible. 

30 Day Payment Terms

We are happy to provide 30 day payment terms on our services, granting your business more flexibility when paying. Most B2B transactions take place following these terms, and we feel that your cash flow is too important to not provide this facility. 

Working With CEX

Tech Outpost have been proud to work with 20 CEX stores over the past 5 years, and we have an excellent track record providing them with repair services.

On average our quick turnaround time meant that we could complete 40 assessments and repairs, in the space of just 3 days.

We also provided tailored services based on CEX's purchasing model, meaning we would only repair devices that fell within an economical margin they provided.

Further to this we also provided detailed purchasing guides, allowing the CEX stores we serviced to buy in damaged stock they previously could not.

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