Miscellaneous Repairs

Drone and Radio Controlled Repairs

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iPods and Portable MP3 Players

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Anything Else - Really Anything!

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If it has an Electrical Pulse We Repair it

At Tech Outpost we can repair even the most difficult faults on the following gadgets: 

Cameras - Music Devices - Speakers - Bluetooth Players - Printers - Musical Keyboards - Sat Nav - Scanners - Coolers - De-Humidifier - PC Peripherals

If you cannot see your device here then we just forgot to list it, we will always attempt to repair any device and never charge you unless fixed.

Services We Provide

Tech Outpost is able to administer a HUGE range of phone repair services, and below is just a fraction of what we can provide :

Battery Replacement - Software Re-flashing - Screen/LCD Replacement - Home Button Replacement - Water Damage Repair - Phone Re-housing - Data Recovery - Flex Cable Replacement - Glass Back Replacement - Charge Port Replacement - Microphone Replacement - Headphone Jack Replacement - Camera Replacement - Lens Replacement - Speaker Replacement - Sim Tray Replacement - Sim Reader Replacement - Vibro Module Replacement - Wifi Repair - Bezel Re-shaping - Unlocking

If you cannot see your repair listed here then just give us a call as we can resolve ANY issue, for ANY device.

Drone Repair

We get asked this question a lot, as no other repair center in the area appears to do any Drone repair. Tech Outpost has repaired several drones for the CEX franchise, not just to function but to be sold at a retail standard.

We are confident in our ability to repair, and have familiarity dealing with many major brands of drones; such as DJI, Revell, Parrot and GoPro.

Radio Controlled Gadgets

Car, boat, helicopter or plane it doesn't matter, we can repair it all. If you have a problem with your RC device then bring it in for a free assessment and we will let you know if it can done for the right price.

iPod and Apple Device Repair

Apple devices are very popular, and we have see an awful lot of them at Tech Outpost. This has allowed us to become experts at Apple repair, and means that we have repaired almost EVERY APPLE DEVICE that has been released.

If it has that Apple logo, we can fix it!

Portable Music and MP3

If you have a Bluetooth speaker or MP3 player that isn't working then let us know!

We can repair many faults that seem major with a small amount of solder work, and are able to source a wide variety of replacement components from buttons to charge ports.

Free Assessment - Frank and Honest Advice

We assess any device for FREE, always! And if it cannot be repaired we will NEVER charge you!

Regardless of how badly damaged your device, its make or even if it is water damaged, we will always look at it and let you know what is wrong for free. If after this you do not want to carry out the repair, or just want your device back this is never a problem, and never has a cost.

We also offer very honest advice on how to proceed with a repair, or if the device can be easily fixed simply there and then, we will usually carry this out free of charge.

Professional Repairs - Warranty Included

Not all repairs are made equal!

If you have a £800 device then it isn't always best to go with the cheapest quote. Make sure you are getting quality parts, and a comprehensive service that provides aftercare / warranty.

We are a repair center for 20 CEX stores, and carry out repairs to a high industry standard, expected by a retailer of this size. The services we can provide are huge in scope, meaning we can replace a screen, bend a phone back or even re-solder faulty chips on the motherboard.

All our repairs come complete with a 6 month manufacturers warranty, and any issues within this period can be resolved with a free replacement.


At Tech Outpost we pride ourselves on the honesty and quality of the advice that we provide. This means that we will always endeavour to provide a full range of aftercare services for you, such as moving data, providing technical advice and free adjustments.

We love our customers, but would rather not see them with the same faults again. So we will advise you on how best to keep your device from coming back, and use our industry knowledge to help inform your purchases.

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We love to give free advice, but sometimes its much easier to solve the problem in person. If we cannot help you by email come and pay us a visit, we don't bite.  

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